• 桑拿

    Wang Youcai just said this,Suddenly someone knocks on the door,Tian Wa walked over to open,Seeing that the boss led a few waiters to bring their food all at once,This is the rule they have been eating here。

    Four cold dishes,Six hot dishes,This is enough for three people。The boss glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Why didn’t you order wine?How about I give you a bottle here,It’s my treat” “No boss!thank you for your kindness,We don’t drink today,Going to drive in a while”Wang Youcai said,The owner of the restaurant throws a fist。This boss looks like a veteran,Hurriedly returned a punch,Took his waiters and walked away quickly。 The three of them ate and chatted。Talk about it,Still don’t want to give up,Because this is their way of making money,Everyone feels a pity to give up。 But Wang Youcai is afraid,He’s afraid of something wrong,His second brother really doesn’t care what he…

  • 洗浴

    “Hi!What do you mean?Did you mean that this new house will not let us live in??”Chen Yueqin rushed out of the kitchen,Questioned loudly。

    Ni Xiaoli is not in a hurry,She laughed and said:“See what mom said,You and Dad can live in this house as long as you want,One day in the future,The ownership of this house belongs to both of us” “Humph!You’re pretty good at calculating,This house is well built by one person,But the three brothers in this yard have a share,This can be said wherever I go“Chen Yueqin said with an unhappy expression。 When Wang Degui heard this*Strong smell,He was afraid that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would quarrel,So busy:“When they both came back from this house,Just leave one room for them,Of course the future ownership belongs to You Cai,They want a house…

  • 新闻

    When Zhao Ben brought Zang Yun coffee。

    Zang Yun found Fang Yu who was filling out the form! “Mr. Fang……Why are you here?” Zang Yun rejected Zhao Ben’s coffee,Walk towards Fang Yu。 “amount,Come here and want to buy a scooter……No car in and out,Quite inconvenient!”Fang Yu slowly said。 “Which one did you fancy?I see you off……” Zang Yun is determined。 “No need to,I can’t afford it!” Fang Yu shook his head repeatedly。 “Little beauty,Swipe……” Not waiting for Fang Yu to refuse,Zang Yun took the card directly to Zhang Yue。 Zhang Yue was shocked。 This is not their big customer Mr. Zang? Cousin doesn’t have a good vision!

  • 按摩

    Bai Hongzhen saw Zhou Jixiang stood up asking questions。

    I guess when I guess, he is helping himself to relieve the embarrassing atmosphere.。 The interaction of the lecture will make the speech more vivid.! Baihong’s internal medicine foundation is very good,This is when going to the rheumatism immunological consultation,Zhou Niwu noticed,So he also dare to help Baihong through such a way.…… I have asked the knowledge in the textbook,Baihong’s whole person’s temperament is also unsatisfactory.。 She ponders to the lecture:“Pathophysiological processes for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease include three aspects,Volume dysfunction、Ventilation dysfunction and respiratory failure。” “COPDCharacteristic pathophysiological changes are ventilation dysfunction caused by sustained airflow,As the disease progresses,Pulmonary tissue elastic reduction,The amount of residual amount of residual amount increases in…

  • 夜生活

    “You are now the sign of our hospital……You have a chance to be a star!”

    Dean Chang smiled。 Took a close look at Fang Yu,Except that the messy hair is a little different,Everything else is perfect。Body and other,Really not too good! “Dean Chang,I am a doctor!The doctor shouldn’t save the wounded?”Fang Yu doubts。 Dean Chang, this is putting the cart before the horse? “this is not……Young people don’t like to be doctors now,I think it would be better to have a living sign like you。And Jackson,In fact, everyone has been paying attention! This is your chance!” Dean Chang is sure。 “do not……Dean Chang, I am shy facing the camera……It’s not good to lose face to the hospital。Why don’t you find someone else to be the…

  • 洗浴

    “Yes,There is absolutely no problem with security。”

    “Is it different from ordinary boxes?” “totally different,This thing is heavy,And unusually strong,Normal weapons cannot destroy it,Do a test。”Li Tianzhen stood up while speaking,Opened the chair beside,Free up a small area,Slowly squat down,A loose hand,Bang,Small stone box landing,dusty,The earth shakes。 Gu Changfeng and the other three were shocked,Eyes widened in surprise,The stone box actually became the size of a small carton after it landed,Shallow pits have been smashed around the surface,This is the result of Li Tianzhen gently lowering,If you throw it away,Isn’t it going to make a big hole? Thought something important happened,Immediately a soldier lifted the curtain and broke in to check,Gu Changfeng waved his hand quickly,Signaling nothing。…

  • 夜网

    “I naturally hope this,But I am afraid that the courtiers have promised。Yicheng is still not my words, now.,Single unique requirements,I am afraid I am hard to do it.。”

    High-level face appears“Sure enough”Expression,I didn’t feel surprised.。His hands,Respectfully gave Gao Baoyi a gift:“The owner has now,All ready to go。How to operate this matter,Please Dado Supervise Speed Speed。” “How about this,Fuyang opposite the head,I can open the border,Grain and grass,Let the unlike general leading the soldiers,how do you feel?” Blocking of the mountain river,Will give natural security。For example, the year is a yellow river.,Cao Cao dared to confront the fire with Yuan Shao。If there is no blocking of the Yellow River,I am afraid that Cao Cao is cold.。 Gao Biyi proposed to let the solo letter rate army,Hope“Let out”A Yellow River is hindered,A psychological description of the power of the city:People…

  • 桑拿

    Lan Xin looked at him,Look soft:“熙,no need,I am eating too full.,I can’t eat anything now.。Let’s take a while.,Tomorrow children go to school,Want to take care of them。”

    “Well,Just sitting for a while。”Le Zhenxi wears white casual clothes,Go to the other side of the sofa,Sit down,Just sitting under the light,Perfect five senses,The corner is distinctive and soft,He looked at Blue Xin slightly.:“Blue,How is the wedding dress of Xia Chi??” Blue Hin mysterious laugh:“Are ready,you do not need to worry,I will do it well.,This is my first private customization,I don’t want to stay regret.。” Le Zhen Xi looks deeply of her,One day,She will have a heaven and earth that belongs to her own.。 Lu Haocheng looked at the joy of two people,There is no such thing as it means,He is at willingly look at Le Zhen’s apartment。 suddenly,On the…

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    Chu Deirers again,I want to explain slowly.,To avoid harm to flow,But but didn’t say it.。

    Invitation moon sex,I hope she is so comfortable.,And there is nothing to go back to the space。 In fact, more than ten years of raising,Ordon the moon is no shortage of flowers,In the original, invitation month is also expected in the heart.,Flowers can be killed by small fish because of living people,After that, it will carry the pain of killing the children.,And the moon does not want to explain these,It is better to die directly.,A hundred。 The little fish is a little dissatisfaction.:“one move?Inviting the Moon Master, I can’t afford it too.?” “Oh?If it is not a Mr. Coon,You have already died a few times?Can you block Mr. Coon before??”Invitation…

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    “Blue,I haven’t been here for a long time.。”

    Blue Xin also looked at the four weeks,“Yes? I haven’t been here.,heard about it,I didn’t expect this beauty here.。” Lu Haocheng looked down at her,Watching very gentle:“Blue,It’s not too much in the company. ,We come out every day.,I still owe you a love。 We are in love after marriage.。” “hehe”Lan Xin listens to him this,Happy smile。 “You,Take the company’s things to the European secretary,He will be very unhappy。 After all, he also needs to make friends.,Also need a family。” Blue Xin has some can’t see his practice,Now Muzi’s position is missing.。 Lu Haocheng listened to her to talk to Ou Jing,Quite helplessness,“Little girl,Your husband365I am busy every day.,It’s hard to…